"Time Aggregation in Health Insurance Deductibles" (with Corina Mommaerts), May 2024, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. NBER WP, Preprint.

Power Mismatch and Civil Conflict: An Empirical Investigation” (with Massimo Morelli and Laura Ogliari), Nov 2023, Economic Policy. CEPR WP, Preprint.

"GiniInc: A Stata Package for Measuring Inequality from Incomplete Income and Survival Data" (with Guido Alfani, Chiara Gigliarano, and Marco Bonetti), Sep 2018, The Stata Journal. Preprint. Download the package by typing - ssc install giniinc - in Stata

Working Papers

"Coworker Sorting, Learning, and Inequality" (Job Market Paper)

"Estimation and Inference in a Panel Data Model of Social Interactions" (with Mikkel Sølvsten

"The Peer Effect on Future Wages in the Workplace" (with Salvatore Lattanzio)

Work in Progress

"Inequality Amplified: Workplace Stratification and Racial Health Disparities" (with Kurt Lavetti, Jonathan Holmes, Trevon Logan) - prelim draft available upon request

“Determinants of Worker Wages and Mobility with Dynamic Worker Types” (with Rasmus Lentz and Jean-Marc Robin)

"Retirement Age, Fertility, and the Dynamics of Tax Revenues" (with Anson Zhou)

"Social Pension and Labor Supply in Rural China" under revision with new data - old version

“Dynamic Models with Many Regressors” (with Mikkel Sølvsten)  - prelim slides available upon request

"Sorting and Peer Effects in the Retail Sector: Evidence from Personnel Records" (with Diego Salazar)