"Time Aggregation in Health Insurance Deductibles" (with Corina Mommaerts), Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. NBER WP, Preprint.

Power Mismatch and Civil Conflict: An Empirical Investigation” (with Massimo Morelli and Laura Ogliari), 2023, Economic Policy. CEPR WP, Preprint.

"GiniInc: A Stata Package for Measuring Inequality from Incomplete Income and Survival Data" (with Guido Alfani, Chiara Gigliarano, and Marco Bonetti), 2018, The Stata Journal. Preprint. Download the package by typing - ssc install giniinc - in Stata

Working Papers

"Coworker Sorting, Learning, and Inequality" (Job Market Paper)

"Estimation and Inference in a Panel Data Model of Social Interactions" (with Mikkel Sølvsten

"The Peer Effect on Future Wages in the Workplace" (with Salvatore Lattanzio)

Work in Progress

"Sorting and Peer Effects in the Retail Sector: Evidence from Personnel Records" (with Diego Salazar)

“Dynamic Models with Many Regressors” (with Mikkel Sølvsten

"Retirement Age, Fertility, and the Dynamics of Tax Revenues" (with Anson Zhou)

"Social Pension and Labor Supply in Rural China" under revision with new data; old version.

“Determinants of Worker Wages and Mobility with Dynamic Worker Types” (with Rasmus Lentz and Jean-Marc Robin)

"Inequality Amplified: Workplace Stratification and Racial Health Disparities" (with Kurt Lavetti, Jonathan Holmes, Trevon Logan) - prelim draft available upon request.